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TR: The Story of

Theodore Roosevelt

Cowboy, soldier, explorer, naturalist, father, writer, and, at age 42, the youngest president in United States history, Theodore Roosevelt, with all his confidence and exuberance, personified America at the turn of the last century. The series explores both the heroic and the tragic sides of Roosevelt’s character: the boundless energy that drove him, the bleak emotions he worked so hard to suppress, and the inevitable clash between the two.

PBS - American Experience
Four Hours


“The great achievement of T R is the grace and even the poetry of the filmmaking…Grubin has fashioned a work of nonfiction art that simply must be seen.” 

– New York Daily News

“It is a magnificent portrait that should easily rank as four of the most entertaining hours – commercial or non-commercial – on television this season” 

– Newsday

“David Grubin, who did similarly excellent work on Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson, seems to have swallowed Roosevelt whole, digested him, and now comes to tell us what really mattered about the man.”

– Atlanta Journal & Constitution

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