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A Walk Through the 20th Century 

with Bill Moyers

     Marshall, Texas. Marshall, Texas

     The Arming of the Earth

     The Reel World of News

     WWII: The Propaganda Battle

     The Imagemakers

     The 30 Second President

The Great Air Race of 1924

The first around-the-world air race, sponsored by the Army Air Service to prove that the airplane had a commercial future, was the ultimate test of man and machine. Four pilots took off in single-engine, open-cockpit planes; 175 days later, two remaining pilots would land where they'd begun, in Seattle.

PBS - American Experience
One hour 

“This is a great yarn, rivaling the fictional exploits of Indiana Jones.” 

– Chicago Sun Times

“Real and involving, the way television journalism should be. It is wonderful viewing, an exciting way to look at history.” 

– Newark Star Ledger

“A rousing chronicle, of the first serial circumnavigation of the globe.”

– TV Guide

“A slice of America’s past brought vividly to life.”

– Daily News

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