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Art and Poetry

The Power of the Word 

with Bill Moyers

Emmy Award

This series welcomes viewers into the experience of poetry, helping them to discover that words retain the power to name things honestly, to touch the human spirit, and to enrich life.


Eight hours

“One of the most enthralling, exciting – and yes, even sexy – hours I’ve seen in a long time.”

– Daily News

“Pierces the veneer of the seemingly arcane and serves up a feast that is delicious.” 

 – Christian Science Monitor


The Simple Acts of Life

William Stafford
Galway Kinnell
Sharon Olds
Robert Bly
Octavio Paz

The Living Language

James Autry
Quincy Troup

Ancestral Voices

Joy Harjo
Kaoru Hongo
Tall Mountain

Voices of Memory

Gerald Stern
Li-Young Lee

Dancing on the Edge of the Road

Stanley Kunitz

Where the Soul Lives

Robert Bly
Licille Clifton
W.S. Merwin
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