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The Language of Life

with Bill Moyers


8 Hours


Welcome to the Mainland

Naomie Shihab Nye, Sekou Sundiata 

Love's Confusing Joy

Coleman Barks 

The Field of Time

Sandra Mcpherson, Linda McCarriston 

Some Can Sing

Robert Hass, Claribel Alegria, Carolyn Forché 

Here in the Mind

Gary Snyder, Daisy Zamora 

Swirl Like a Leaf

Jimmy Santiago Baca, Robert Bly, Marilyn Chin 

Heart of Things

Adrienne Rich, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Michael S. Harper 

Come Celebrate with Me

Lucille Clifton, David Mura


– CBS Sunday Morning 

“The poetic sensibility comes alive on TV.” 

– USA Today 


– Variety 

“Language – real language – is having a come-to-meeting, hand-clapping revival.” 

– New York Times 

“The series itself…is pure poetry, a beautifully woven tapestry of spoken words and pictures. It’s not easy keeping poetry readings alive visually without going crazy with visual gimmicks. But Grubin does it.” 

– Newsday

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