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The Jewish Americans


6 Hours


The series traces 350 years of Jewish American history, from the first settlement in the 17th century to the present, exploring the way in which Jewish Americans embrace America and, at the same time, struggle to maintain their identity as Jews.


“An extraordinary TV program from the first minute to the last.” 

– Newsday 

“I thought about ‘The Jewish Americans’ for days after viewing it.” 

– Los Angeles Times 

“There’s no need to call [The Jewish Americans] a mitigated success; it’s an emphatic one. Some of it is interesting, much of it is fascinating, and parts of it are truly aglow – with the Jewish spirit, with American bravado and, inevitably in telling such a story, with the human condition.” 

– Washington Post 

“Grubin has punctuated the six hours with enough intriguing elements so that to enjoy it, you don’t have to be Jewish.” 

– Daily Variety 

“No matter how much you think you know about the subject, I guarantee you will learn something from this fascinating series.” 

– Jerusalem Post

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