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with Bill Moyers

PBS - National Geographic

5 Hours


Examines the creative impulse and various forms of creative expression.

A Portrait of Maya Angelou 

Angelou returns to her home-town in Arkansas to explore the memories and experiences that are at the roots of her art.

“A lustrous premiere.” 

– Los Angeles Times

Samson Raphaelson

A profile of the playwright, screenwriter, fiction writer who wrote the Jazz Singer, and some of Ernst Lubitsch's greatest films.

The Inventors 

Explores how inventors come up with new ideas, featuring the Inventors Hall of Fame.

The Olympics of the Mind 

Explores ways in which creativity can be taught in school to inspire and encourage students to stretch their minds.

Garbage: Another Way of Seeing 

Features people whose life work centers on what we throw away: an artist who turns trash into art; worm farmers increasing productivity; inspired Arizona garbageman; and an anthropologist who studies social customs by analyzing garbage.  

Emmy Award

“Some of the warmest, most incisive profiles ever seen on the tube.” 

– United Press International 

"T.V. journalism at its best.” 

– Associated Press 

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