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America 1900

PBS - American Experience

3 Hours



The year 1900 was the dawn of the “American century,” a time of optimism, progress, confidence, and turmoil. America 1900 re-creates the old century’s final year, dramatic days when U.S. troops went to fight in Asia, public debate raged over sex and morality, racial tensions boiled, and dizzying technological change propelled Americans into an uncertain future. 

Part 1

Part 2

George Foster Peabody Award

“The historical documentary has never been better.” 

– San Francisco Chronicle 

“What a year, what a show. …David Grubin’s ‘America 1900’…is dazzling.” 

– Los Angeles Times 

“It’s difficult to imagine any other millennial documentaries being better than ‘America 1900’…a mesmerizing look at the way we were that last time a new century dawned.” 

– San Francisco Bee 

“What Grubin has done…is paint a portrait of America’s contradictory impulses.” 

– Newsday 

“Deeply researched and beautifully edited.” 

– Dallas Morning News

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