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Abraham and Mary Lincoln

A House Divided

PBS - American Experience

6 Hours


The mini-series weaves together the lives of Abraham Lincoln, the son of a poor dirt-farmer, and Mary Todd, the daughter of a wealthy Southern slave-owner, drawing us into their long vanished world. This six part program examines the Lincolns’ family life and marriage, the Lincoln presidency, and the Civil War era.


International Documentary Association Award

“A brooding, emotional vision…with mournful elegance Grubin maps Abraham Lincoln’s spiritual and political evolution...the series grows richer with every hour."

– New York Times

"This ambitious and compelling six hour joint biography probably ought to be required viewing…an example of a near-perfect realization of the prevailing idiom.” 

– Chicago Tribune 

“This is television at its blue-ribbon best, ‘A House Divided’ might well be remembered as one of the best TV programs of the year.” 

– Baton Rouge Advocate (Baton Rouge)

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