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A Life Together: 

Donald Hall and 

Jane Kenyon

Bill T. Jones: 

Still Here with

Bill Moyers

Ca Dao:

The Folk Poetry of Vietnam

Rumi/Coleman Barks:

The News Hour with Jim Leher

The Language of Life

with Bill Moyers

Art and Poetry

Bill T. Jones:

Still Here with Bill Moyers

At workshops around the country, dancer/choreographer Bill T. Jones asks people facing life-threatening illnesses to remember the highs and lows of their lives, and even imagine their own deaths. They then transform their feelings into expressive movement, which Jones incorporates into dance


– "Still Here."

One Hour


“It’s an extraordinary peek into the creative process...a brand new way to navigate from the dancer to the dance.” 

– Miami Herald

“An exhilarating view of life in the deep shadow of death.” 

  – Hollywood Reporter

“Award-winning producer David Grubin molded 116 hours of material into a powerful one-hour film. It’ll give you goose bumps.” 

– Orange County Register

(Baton Rouge)

“It’ll give you chill bumps. And it will give you something to remember.” 

–Newark Star-Ledger

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